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Item Type: Drawing
Date: 1987
Language: en
Description: Cartoon drawing in reference to a 1987 demonstration of the Ku Klux Klan near…

Item Type: Correspondence; Photograph
Date: 1930
Language: en
Description: Letters between Charlotte Michaud and Maine State Library, a lengthy typed…

Item Type: Correspondence
Date: 1978-07-17
Language: en
Description: Handwritten biographical sketch from the Augusta, Maine, author of Le Club…

Item Type: Registration
Date: 1940
Language: en
Description: The registration of adult alien resident, Bernadette Alain, in the State of…

Item Type: Drawing
Date: 1976
Language: en
Description: Drawing of character, "Beau-frog," by Madawaska, Maine artist, Peter…

Item Type: Photograph
Creator: Unknown
Date: 1950
Description: Dominique Gagné and wife Antoinette at the Lewiston International Snowshoe…

Item Type: Photograph
Creator: Unknown
Date: 1926
Description: An ice palace constructed by Le Montagnard Club for an annual snowshoer's…

Item Type: 3D object--Blanket
Date: 1945
Description: Blanket hand-crocheted and knitted, featuring the colors of 92 American and…

Item Type: Archival Collection
Language: en
Description: The collection includes information on Madeleine Dinora Giguère’s (1925-2004)…

MS-FA078-13_7-Flyleaf [ii].jpg
Item Type: Book
Date: 1930
Language: fr
Description: Personal diary of Henri d'Arles (Henri Beaudé) from the years 1923-1930. Bound…
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