Welcome to the Franco American Portal Project. This is our beta portal.

We are a five-university collaboration to build a primary source discovery tool for Franco American collections. To begin exploring, use the search box above or the menu to the left.

Our project addresses the need for online access to Franco American cultural history by:

  • locating and identifying archival materials that concern French-Canadian and Acadian diaspora communities in the US Northeast–wherever these materials have been collected around the world,
  • bringing together information about these collections and their contents in an organized, searchable, and culturally conscientious way, and
  • making these collections accessible by directing the public toward their digital presence and the institutions that collect and preserve them.

We have built a beta portal in order to test our ideas and to begin placing disparate Franco materials in conversation with one another. For more information about our project and our team, visit https://francoamericanportal.org