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Bonjour! episode 53 was broadcast in 1988 with host Josée Vachon. This episode is divided into four segments. The first segment is an interview with Claire Quintal, founder and director of the French Institute at Assumption College in Worcester,…

The parchment contains a commission signed by Louis XIV appointing Charles de St-Étienne de la Tour governor and lieutenant-general of Acadia. The parchment still has a wax seal (no longer legible) attached by what appear to be silk threads.


ACA (Association Canado-Américaine) copy of Adélard Lambert's autobiography,"Journal d'un bibliophile," from the author's personal collection now included in the book collection named after him. Copy includes a photograph of Lambert as well as…

September 17, 1890 letter from Joseph Jobin to his daughter Anne-Marie, who remained in Saint Augustin parish, Quebec.

August 30, 1890 letter from Joseph Jobin in Boston, Massachusetts, to his daughter Anne-Marie, who remained in Saint Augustin parish, Québec.

Staff photograph of Lewiston, Maine French-language newspaper, Le Messager.

Front row (left to right): Jean-Baptiste Couture (director); P.S. Guilbault (foreman); Henri Carpentier; Omer Gauvin; Arthur Brunelle.
Second row: F. X. Guay; Albert…

Press ID card for Muhammed Ali/Sonny Liston Heavyweight Championship boxing match held at St Dominic's Arena in Lewiston, Maine. The card belonged to Paul Labbé, himself a known local boxer, who was to serve as an additional judge for the match.Sonny…

The papers of a professor of history at the University of Maine, Orono. The papers contain materials concerning his research, writing, and teaching. Professor Doty was the author of Acadian Hard Times. Included are manuscripts, correspondence,…

1909 letter from Napoleon Sansoucy and Corinne (Harpin) Sansoucy, Southbridge, MA, to their daughters Antoinette and Anne Marie, who remained in Canada.
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